Live Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Karaoke

Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice presents to you, the best Tuesday night of your life with HARD ROCK KARAOKE, LIVE! STEP UP, it’s your time to live out your Rock Star moment. Sink, swim, or just watch the magic. Who cares, it’s super fun and funny as hell. Part comedy show, part 5 minutes of fame fantasy affair. Over 200 songs to pick from, Hard Rock thru Heavy Metal. The BONER CONTENTION BAND is there to facilitate with a bona fide, no bullshit rock show. Lyrics provided. Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to sign up and avoid the misery of missing out. WORST VOICE / BEST VOICE prizes on the night, including merch packs, commemorative event tees and your chance at a fat $200 bar voucher for you and your friends. 9:30 to 11 and 11:30 to 1am every single Tuesday night.

Jeremy Belinfante, 2016

Song list available here.
NO PRE-SAVES – First in, first serve in the flesh.

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