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Blake Cateris is an Australian musician who is the lead vocalist, songwriter & bass player for Molly & The Krells who have just released their latest EP Losing Friends on digital platforms worldwide.

He began studying music from the age of five, enabling him to lay out the foundations of his musicality right from the start. Two years later he picked up the bass guitar for the first time and hasn’t put it down since. From the age of fifteen he has worked hard to earn his stripes through performance and was immediately supported by older musicians in the music scene. Fuelled by the talent of bass players such as John Paul Jones, Paul Woseen, John Entwistle and Billy Sheehan, Blake strived to achieve the level of skill that each of these world renowned musicians had reached through decades of musical dedication. 

Gaining valuable live experience in his high school rock band, Blake was soon offered multiple positions in older, more established bands nationally and internationally – a quickly recurring trend.

In the six short years of being ‘of age’ in his home country of Australia, Blake has had countless offers for projects and has been quoted repeatedly by most of them as the ‘glue of the band’ working with award winning producers Mark Opitz & Paul McKercher as well as driving the engine room of Magnus with Lucius Borich on drums.

Molly & The Krells – 2018
(Tom Wilkinson)

Blake Cateris has been studying the art of singing under the watchful eye of Stephen Baker at The Sydney Singing Centre since 2013 and he has already progressed beyond his conceivable potential.

At the age of 21, Blake experienced his first international tour and, locally, has quickly risen to become one of the few in-demand bass players in the country and is a prominent member of local and national musical circles.

Blake is first on the call sheet for a respectable number of cover acts throughout Sydney and currently has both a Tuesday night residency with the Live Hard Rock Karaoke Band and is a member of the “Dream Team” as a Rock N’ Roll DJ at Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice, is a member of the hard hitting cover band Big Way Out, and, as mentioned above he is the lead vocalist, songwriter & bass player for Molly & The Krells and is a freelance musician available for hire in a studio or performing environment.

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Molly & The Krells | “Hate Yourself” Official Music Video | 2018